Corson “Bottoms Up” Pink Ladies Use Gold Coin To Give Back

BRANDON, S.D. – It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

A local nonprofit organization is donating $1,500 to three families battling cancer, and the money came from a gift they received over the Christmas holiday.

Two months ago, a pair of donors spread their good fortune to five local organizations.

Giving each one a gold coin, and they asked KDLT News to deliver their gifts.

One organization on the receiving end was the Corson “Bottoms Up” Pink Ladies.

The group financially helps those battling cancer.

So after they auctioned off the coin on Facebook, the Pink Ladies kept the good deed going.

“Today we are presenting to Tyler, Kathy and Darrell,” says president of the group Jennifer Luitjens.

A Brandon teen battling leukemia, a Valley Springs woman battling breast cancer and a Garretson man battling multiple myeloma all are reaping the benefits from the gold coin, receiving $500 dollars each, and a line-full of hugs.

“Since the coin was given to us by what we assume is a local person, we wanted to make sure this one stayed extremely local,” says Luitjens.

But the giving isn’t over.

“When we found out that there was a little boy in Mitchell who could probably use the money more than us we decided to go ahead and pass it all along to them,” says one of the recipients Darrell Johnson.

Last December Johnson was diagnosed with a rare form of plasma cell cancer that at this time has no cure.

But Johnson says since treatment is going well, he and his wife Sheila, a Pink Lady herself, wanted to pay it forward to child also battling cancer.

“No matter how bad you have it someone always has it worse,’ says Sheila.

But the couple says they’re honored that the Pink Ladies thought of them.

“Blessed beyond words,” says Sheila. “The hugs, the support from this group of women, I have no words.”

The President of Pink Ladies says that’s their goal.

To make others who are going through a hard time, know they aren’t fighting alone.

“It’s just another realm of people that you can rely on, sometimes it’s not that little moment of ‘were here for you and that’s all they need’,” says Luitjens.

These three donations also marked a big milestone for the nonprofit organization.

Since 2014 The Corson “Bottoms Up” Pink Ladies have donated $100,000 to a couple hundred men, women and children battling cancer.

The money they raise comes from yearly fundraisers, usually related to the game darts.

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