Flower Shops Prepare for Valentine’s Day

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Love is in the air and in many stores in the Sioux Empire. As Valentine’s Day approaches, flower shops are busy working to keep their customers happy.

It’s been a busier Monday than usual at Flowerama in western Sioux Falls, but that isn’t a surprise to owner Chuck Kuntze.

“It’s Valentine’s time, it’s supposed to be busy,” says Kuntze.

And busy bees they have been since last week, working around the clock to arrange flowers and take orders. Chuck says Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the two busiest days each year. Although the shop is shorthanded, right now he’s still happy with all the business.

“We have pretty much been filled up on deliveries for two weeks that we can only handle so many efficiently. We can’t accept any more deliveries, “says Kuntze.

Orders aren’t just coming from people in the Sioux Empire. Flowerama even got a customer from overseas and Chuck says for all the fellas who forget tomorrow, there’s still time to redeem yourself.

“We are here to take care of them on the 15th, 16th, and any day they want, “says Kuntze.

But, he knows tomorrow will be a long, yet rewarding day for the shop.

“Typically on Valentine’s Day we sell out everything that we have prepared, “says Kuntze.

And as for the guy who’s spent his career making others happy on Valentine’s Day, plans for his sweetheart actually don’t include flowers.

“I usually give her gift cards; she knows what to do with gift cards, “says Kuntze.

Proving that every couple’s Valentine’s Day plan blossoms in its own way.

Flowerama says they’ve had nearly 3,000 customers this Valentine’s Day season.

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