Healthy and Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats


Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean we can’t keep our snacks healthy! The Fit Chic Annie Mello stopped by the KDLT Kitchen to share some of her favorite recipes for eating smart and impressing your sweetheart today.

Chocolate-filled Berries

Pair your favorite fresh berry (Ahtra and Sarah love strawberries!) with a healthy spin on chocolate!


1 pint fresh raspberries
¼ cup dark cacao chocolate chips
½ teaspoon coconut oil
Place fresh raspberries onto a plate or platter.
Heat chocolate chips and coconut oil in a small saucepan stirring frequently until chocolate is completely melted.
Remove from stove.
Pour into a ziploc freezer bag, cut a tiny hole in the bottom corner of the bag.
Squeeze the bag to fill each of the crevices of the raspberry with the melted chocolate.
Place raspberries on the platter and place them in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes.
Remove from the freezer and serve.
You can place remaining raspberries in a sealed container and store them in the freezer for a tasty treat!

Valentine’s Kiss Cookies

Annie Mello’s version on the popular cookie is the perfect way to say “I love you.”


1/2 cup of palm sugar
1/2 cup of vanilla or chocolate protein powder
1/2 cup of peanut butter or nut butter
1/2 cup of grass-fed butter or coconut oil
1 egg
1 cup of gluten free flour
1/2 cup of almond flour
3/4 tsp of baking soda
1/4 tsp of baking powder
dark chocolate hersey kisses
Heat oven to 375°F. In large bowl, beat 1/2 cup coconut palm sugar, the protein powder, peanut butter, butter and egg with electric mixer on medium speed, or mix with spoon, until well blended. Stir in flours, baking soda and baking powder until mixed through.

Shape dough into 1-inch balls; On ungreased cookie sheets, place about 2 inches apart.Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until edges are light golden brown.

Immediately press 1 kiss chocolate candy in center of each cookie. Remove from cookie sheets to cooling rack and allow to cool 10 minutes  before serving.


Protein Power Balls

These no-bake treats are super portable and great for classrooms!


2 scoops of chocolate whey protein powder

3 tablespoons of nut butter ( I used 1 Tbsp of almond, 1 Tbsp of sun butter, 1 Tbsp of cashew)

1 ripe banana mashed

3 Tbsp of unsweetened shredded coconut (divided)

1 1/2 Tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder

1 Tbsp of raw honey

1 Tbsp of dark cacao chocolate chips

1 tsp of coconut creamer or milk

1 Tbsp of coconut flour


In a large mixing bowl combine protein powder, cocoa powder, nut butter, coconut flour, creamer, and honey, mix well.

Next, add mashed banana and with a hand mixer beat until completely mixed.

Then add 1 Tbsp of coconut and chocolate chips and mix with a large mixing spoon.

Roll into 1 to 2′ balls and top with remaining coconut.

Place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour to let settle (for faster results place in the freezer).

Serve and Enjoy!


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