Valentine’s Day A Success For Gustaf’s Greenery

SIOUX FALLS – Last Friday, we spoke with Gustaf’s Greenery about their preparations for Valentine’s Day while a familiar face battles cancer. They say they have received overwhelming support and volunteer help.

Co-owner, Pat Gustaf, is currently battling renal cell carcinoma, and for today’s big day, they say they have achieved a lot of their goals for the holiday.

At around 1:30 this afternoon, they had sold over 4,000 roses. They say since we spoke to them last Friday, dozens of volunteers have called or come in to help.

“it’s a hard holiday because it’s basically on one day. but when you have extra help and they’re willing to do anything, that is fantastic,” said Jean Gustaf, Pat’s sister and Gustaf’s Greenery co-owner.

The three volunteers from Minot, North Dakota did leave yesterday, but Jean says Pat was able to visit and speak with them on Saturday.

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