Decades of Love and Still Going Strong

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- All across the world, many couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day; but every day is Valentine’s Day for a few special couples in the Sioux empire.

Here at Washington Crossing Senior home, they may be no Valentine’s Day decorations, but for these three couples, each day they are together is valentines.

For Beryl and Dick Olson, their love story started on the softball field.

“And he was umpiring the game and he said I was out, but I wasn’t out I was safe. So we had a couple blind dates and then we started dating, “says Beryl.

And 64 years later Dick says his wife is still his everything.

“I didn’t see anybody else and I didn’t want anybody else. So she was it, “says Dick.

Then there’s Quinten and Lucille Sorenson, who will be celebrating their 70 year anniversary

“You wonder where the time went, but it went fast I can’t believe it myself.  It’s hard to believe 70 years, “says Quinten.

Lucille says although there was no chocolate her sweetheart did get her a new chair and for her, that’s enough

“He’s been a very good husband we have had our ups and downs, but I think everybody does, “says Lucille.

However, for Charles McCollum, he still keeps things traditional with the flowers

“Well I just got her a bouquet back here, but after 67 years it’s almost just one more day in your life, “says Charles.

Flowers or no flowers Bevy says their secret is communication

“Don’t bottle things up if something’s bothering you talk it out, “says Bevy.

All three couples say they are all thankful to have each other and look forward to many more years together.

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