Flack Is Back, Better Than Ever!

Tyler Flack is finishing his career in high style

Webster’s Dictionary defines the dunk as a shot made by jumping high in the air and throwing the ball through the basket.

“That guy does a 720!” USD Mens’ Basketball Head Coach Craig Smith says.

“I like to bring energy, get this crowd on their feet.” USD Senior Forward Tyler Flack says.

Maybe it’d just be simpler if they showed Tyler Flack.

“I’ve been doing it on a little hoops since I was little, you know, like the Fisher Price!” Flack says.

Flack’s career at USD has been tough to define. As the last recruit of Dave Boots, he’s played through three head coaches.

After showing promise his first two years, back and knee injuries forced him to redshirt for all 2015 and miss half of his junior season.

“Filled with a lot of ups and downs. Having to go through some injuries and stuff made me realize how I take being able to play for granted a little bit.” Tyler says.

Tyler began his senior year leading USD in scoring.

Before another knee injury cost him a month.

“Your heart goes out to Tyler. He really bought into the skill development workouts, he really bought in to putting in all those kinds of time. There are a lot of ‘what ifs’ but those things you can’t control. Tyler works hard at rehab, he makes sure he’s ready to go before every practice.” Smith says.

Since returning Flack is dominating, averaging nearly 23 points a game to help USD within a half game of first place and closer to the way he’d like to define the end of his career.

“It’d mean everything (to go to the NCAA Tournament), that’d be awesome man. I think that we have the team to do it too so we just got to win those three games in the tournament and I think the sky is the limit for us.” Flack says.

In Vermillion, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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