Women Receive Valentine’s Gift That Keeps On Singing

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – At work it’s nice to have Valentine’s Day gifts to show off, like teddy bears, flowers or chocolates.

But one present Tuesday was just as much fun for coworkers.

A barbershop quartet surprised a few people around town, with a song, right in the middle of the work day.

Dressed to the nines wearing red bow-ties and carrying one rose, members of the “Step it Up” quartet were ready to deliver a surprise.

Their gift? A perfectly harmonized version of the song “The Story of the Rose”.

“The thrill of making someone’s day is really touching,” says singer Ric Morren.

The majority of singers have been spending their Valentine’s Day delivering “singing grams” to their customers’ significant others for nearly 25 years.

“When you are able to deliver a message from a husband to a wife, its special thing,” says singer Dave Sternborg.

But some of the recipients, like Betty Fiegen, aren’t as surprised since it’s not her first time seeing these four.

“At first I thought 6, but probably for about 8 or 10,” says Fiegen as she thinks about how many years her husband has booked the quartet to visit her on February 14.

“It’s a special day for us,” explains Fiegen. “Forty years ago he proposed to me on Valentine’s Day, so it’s just continually an important day.”

Even though their singing is a now a norm, Betty says the men brighten her day every year.

“They come with such a smile and a wonderful voice, and they’re always happy to sing to me.”

“We get more enjoyment out of it than they do,” adds Morren. “We see quite a few interactions throughout the day, no two are alike.”

“It’s just a really special day,” says Sternborg.

The “Step it Up” quartet is part of the 45-member “Sioux Emperians Barbershop” chorus, which performs at concerts, churches and retirement homes.

The price to order a singing telegram? Forty-five dollars.

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