Sioux Falls Businesses Join “A Day Without Immigrants”

Nationwide Protests Break Out In Response To President Trump's Immigration Policies

Thousands of protesters demonstrated against President Donald Trump’s immigration policy on Thursday across the nation.

It was a movement called “A Day Without Immigrants.”

Businesses closed down for the day and some students did not go to school.

Juan Bonilla, President of Global Voice in Sioux Falls, made a call on Sunday on his radio show for Sioux Falls businesses to join in on the protest.

“We are doing this to show that we are part, an important part, of this community and this nation,” said Bonilla.

Several businesses in Sioux Falls closed doors on Thursday, including Nikki’s Burrito Express and La Mexicana, 1 Stop Auto Shop and Sandy’s Salon.

Bonilla said, however, it wasn’t just businesses in Sioux Falls that joined.

“I have already received information that more than one hundred students in Worthington, Minnesota didn’t go to school,” said Bonilla.

The protest not only asked businesses to close, but also for shoppers to avoid spending money for the day.

Bonilla claims their lack of support shows their message.

“If only here in Sioux Falls, $450 million dollars in 2012 were spent by the Latino community,” said Bonilla.

The “Day Without Immigrants” spanned throughout the country.

Bonilla believes the message was the same, whether in a big city or small.

“That we are part of the United States. That we came here with the same dreams and goals that their great, great-grandfathers came from Europe one time and was welcomed by the Native Americans over here and in that moment, they didn’t ask a green card from them,” said Bonilla.

He said their goal is to be contributing members of the U.S.

“To have a better quality of life, to have a quality job, to help the economy of this country and also so our kids have a better place to raise,” said Bonilla.

Bonilla believes the answer lies within an immigration reform solution.

In what he calls a “broken system,” one suggestion he makes is to shorten the wait time for an immigrant to receive citizenship.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement on Monday that nearly 700 people were arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement during a five day operation.

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