Potential Record Warmth Followed by the Return of Winter

High Temperature Records Could Fall this Weekend, But Snow Could Fall Next Week
Temperatures are looking to be WELL above normal the next 96 hours.

It is really hard to believe we are in the month of February with all of this warm weather that we have been dealing with. Every day this week finished with a high temperature above normal by at least a dozen degrees and that trend looks to carry on into next week.

This time in February normally brings us temperatures right around freezing, but this past week we had temperatures that averaged at 51° in Sioux Falls, which is 19 to 20 degrees above normal. It doesn’t end there. Each day this weekend brings us temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees above normal across the board.

Saturday brings us plenty of sunshine, but it will be the coolest of the two days. While it looks as though some of us will reach the 70s on Sunday, it will also be the breeziest day of the weekend as winds will pick up and gust at 15 to 25 mph. For the most part, we will continue to see sunshine, but some places could see some patchy clouds as well…

Things change for Monday as we bring in a chance for rainfall. Things still look very warm on Monday despite the rain and that warmth will carry on into the middle of next week. HOWEVER, there is one big change in the 7-day forecast as we move into Thursday; COLD AND SNOW.

While it is still far away, models have been trending towards a significant snow storm Thursday through Friday of next week. The initial runs bring in rain at first, but quickly changing to snow as Thursday progresses and more of the cold filters in. When all is said and done, it looks as though many of us will be digging out from significant snow. The following photos are of two different models outputs on snowfall. REMINDER: Models are very fluid and there will likely be many changes over the next 144-180 hours. This is NOT a forecast, but just an example of what things are currently looking like. We have taken numbers off this map so no one can misconstrue the message. In these models, the brighter the colors, the heavier the snow. That means those in pink and bright white would be in for the heaviest snow in these solutions.

While we can’t tell how much snow is going to fall at this point, we can tell you that this weekend is going to be spectacular and you should take full advantage of that!

Brandon Spinner
Chief Meteorologist

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