Spring Like Temperatures Means More Poo Business

SIOUX FALLS, SD – With the warmer temperatures many of us have seen this week, a Sioux Falls Company is seeing an increase in customers. Doo Gooders picks up after your pets to keep your yard clean and stink free.

The green grass bring all the dogs to the yard….

“Doo Gooders, well we do good with poo which means picking up dog poop,” says Jolene Loetscher, the CEO and Chief Excrement Officer of Doo Gooders in Sioux Falls.

With the Spring like temperatures, many of us want to grill outside, but the stink our fury friends leave behind may be unbearable.  Doo Gooders can make our time outside this Spring more enjoyable.

Jolene tells us, “We have most of our customers that are on regular service have us keep coming even through the winter.  So for them they’re gonna really enjoy a great yard when the weather is nice and warm this weekend.”

Jolene says during a normal Winter, employees would still be picking up the aftermath of four-legged friends.  The only difference?  The warmer temperatures make it easier for workers to get around to remove the poo.  There’s no snow and cold to trudge around in.  So may of us may ask, how long does it normally take to clean up a yard?

“Usually at most, maybe fifteen minutes,” says Darin Gross, the General Manger of Doo Gooders in Sioux Falls.

Doo Gooders typically comes around to a house twice a week to get the job done for pet-owners who use their regular service, but certain times of the year are busier than others.

“We always have a busy season each year which is when everything melts.  We call it our Spring Clean season and in the past that’s always hit the earliest mid March so right around March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day gets busy for us,” says Jolene.

Some houses have more excrement to remove, especially if there are multiple dogs.  Of course, that means it can take more time for waste removal, but the warmer temperatures makes it a more enjoyable job

Darin tells us, “Last week actually I picked up at a house I had one full bag.”

With the lack of snow recently, many are ready to enjoy their yards.  Doo Gooders can help you do that by taking care of the dirty work.

Jolene says, “As a whole, it’s February, it’s South Dakota, dogs are still pooping, and it’s 60 something degrees.”

To give you an idea of the cost, Doo Gooders will clean your yard once a week for about thirteen dollars each time.

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