Sno Jam Comedy Festival Raises $2,000 For Special Olympics

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls got an extra round of laughs this weekend during the first ever Sno Jam Comedy Festival.

The festival started on Thursday and went through Saturday with two shows each night.

It was held at both Wacko’s Comedy Club and Fernson brewery in downtown Sioux Falls.

Thirty comics from L.A. To New York were featured during the various shows.

Co-creator Dan Bublitz Jr. says they wanted to put on the event to not only make people laugh, but to benefit a local charity.

They chose Special Olympics and raised more than $2,000.

That money came from ticket and merchandise sales.

Each show cost $10 or you could get a pass to all shows for $50.

Bublitz says he wasn’t expecting the big crowds, since pre-sales were a little low.

He also wasn’t expecting such nice weather, since they titled the festival “sno jam”.

“It’s funny because then there was no snow,” says Bublitz. “It was like 50 and 60 all weekend long. All these comics came from all over the country expected it to be cold and miserable and then it was just beautiful. Now the title was just ironic.”

Bublitz says all of the out-of-state comics had nice things to say about Sioux Falls, so they’re planning on making this an annual festival.

Next year’s dates are scheduled for Feb. 15-17, 2018.

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