Benefits Of A Mediterranean Lifestyle


Eating Mediterranean food isn’t just a change in diet, it’s a lifestyle change. That’s according to Sanaa Abourezk, who loves sharing her passion for Mediterranean food with Sioux Falls at her restaurant, Sanaa’s.

In addition to being fresh and delicious, Abourezk says a Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of strokes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Grains, beans, nuts and olive oil are core ingredients that make Mediterranean food so nutritious and are all things Abourezk likes to use in the food at Sanaa’s.

Abourezk calls it a “lifestyle” because Mediterranean culture encourages staying active and eating with family. Everything made at Sanaa’s is made fresh everyday. Abourezk enjoys catering to people with dietary restrictions, like vegans and vegetarians, to make sure their meals are nutritiously fulfilling.

To learn more about Sanaa’s and see their menu, click here.

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