Baby Barre: The Ultimate New Mommy Workout

baby barre

Believe it or not, there’s a workout designed to help new moms and dads stay in shape while they bond with their babies. It’s called Baby Barre at Santosha Hot Yoga in Sioux Falls and it’s taught by new mom, Rachael Halgerson.

Halgerson says it’s still a really thorough workout, even though there are babies there! She says the class, like other barre classes, incorporates pilates, dance, yoga and focuses on endurance and working specific muscle groups. However, she says it’s actually really relaxing for the babies, who are strapped onto their parent for most of the class. Her 4 month-old son, Theodore has even fallen asleep during her workouts!

The next Baby Barre class is this Saturday, February 25 at 10 a.m.


For those looking to try something else, Santosha Hot Yoga offers a wide variety of classes, which is expanding. According to Jennifer Long at Santosha, on March 1 they are merging with Amy Miller Training to offer workouts ranging from “super intense to very relaxed.”

For more information about Baby Barre and other classes Santosha has to offer, watch the video above or click here.

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