Former Rookies Employees Still Waiting For Paychecks

The owner says he will cover all unpaid checks

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Some Sioux Falls restaurant employees are looking for their paychecks.

The business closed its doors nearly one month ago.

Some workers say they haven’t received their paycheck since the closing.

Others say they’ve gotten a check, but it bounced back.

Heaven Cain currently works at the Philips Avenue Dinner in downtown Sioux Falls.

But she says she’s having some problems with her last employer.

From August to mid-September Cain worked at Rookies Sports Bar & Grill as a waitress.

Since leaving, she says she hasn’t gotten paid.

“The rare times I would [call and] get someone I was assured that ‘oh I’m so sorry, it’ll be in the mail and you’ll get it within a few days’,” says Cain.

Cain says she’s missing two paychecks.

One that would account for her training shifts and another for when she was on floor.

“So my paycheck should be a little over $200.”

Being a single mom of two, Cain says that’s money she could really use right now.

“I’m a little behind on my electric bill so that’s probably where it would all be going.”

And Cain recently found out she’s not alone.

Rookies closed for business at the end of January and a Sioux Falls woman posted on Facebook saying her boyfriend’s last paychecks were returned because they were issued on a closed account.

Another woman commented saying her daughter’s check was also returned.

“The longer that it’s been taking and the more people that I’ve heard about it– that kind of explains it a little bit,” says Cain.

The owner of Rookies did release a statement to KDLT News saying there was suspicious activity that caused the account to close, and that he’s opened up a new account to fix it.

He says he will cover all the checks unpaid to his former employees.

“It is good to hear because I feel like for a lot of families I’m sure who are in the same position as me, any little bit can help at any time,” says Cain.

Not all employees are having trouble with payment.

On the same Facebook post, some did comment saying they received their check and that it went through.

Even though Rookies closed, the concert and entertainment venue next to it — The District, is still open.

The same owner who owned Rookies owns The District.

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