Spring Weather For Baseball in February

YANKTON – Play Ball!

That’s what many of us love to hear come spring.  The only thing is… it’s February, in South Dakota.

“It’s pretty crazy. I mean, I was, my son plays on this team and I was excited that we were going to be going to Florida here in a few weeks and we’re gonna catch the first couple games,” said Travis Hallock, a parent of one of the players.  “Then we found out yesterday there’s a triple header.”

Mount Marty took on Presentation in Yankton Monday afternoon where temperatures were about 55 degrees.  That’s 30 degrees above normal in the Sioux Empire.  So now parents, and even girlfriends don’t have an excuse not to make the game.

“It’s nice being able to come out and enjoy baseball. I’m just in a light jacket today so that’s nice. I was here for Fall ball and I had to bundle up in my hunting gear and a blanket because it got so cold,” said Callie Stevens, a girlfriend of one of the players.

We all know that this season has been pretty warm, but how does today’s weather stack up against the past?

“I know that this is the earliest they’ve ever played,” said Hallock. “February 19th was the one before you know when they first put the field in and were able to practice and stuff. Yeah it’s amazing that we’re out here and watching baseball. But it’s pretty fun and good baseball.”

Even though there weren’t a whole lot of fans at game on a Monday afternoon.  For those of us at the game, it was nice not having to drag along the Winter gear.  This February leaves many Baseball fans satisfied.  It’s definitely one to remember.

“It’s nice but weird at the same time.  South Dakota is normally not this warm so it’s cool,” said Stevens.

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