The Daily Scoop 2-23-17

Tourists get an up close and personal visit with a whale

Crew and guests on the Baja California Sur Mexico Coast set out for a chance to see some whales up close. Watch the video above to see the whale stealing a kiss from one of the people onboard! The tour was sailing in Magdalena Bay when the whale surfaced. The whale stayed near the boat for some time, apparently just as curious about the humans as they were about the whale! The crew said this kind of encounter was surprising, even for them, which is why they shared the video on social media.

Oscars red carpet

Crews rolled out the red carpet yesterday in Hollywood for the celebrities who will make their way inside the Dolby Theater on Sunday night for the 89th Academy Awards. Plastic sheeting was also put in place to protect them from expected rain showers. In recent years, a structure has also been set up to keep the stars and their fans dry.

The film “La La Land” is getting all the buzz this year, receiving a record-tying 14 Oscar nominations.

NASA exoplanets

NASA announced a major discovery yesterday after scientists spotted seven planets which could hold life. The seven Earth-sized planets orbit a star 40 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius. Three are inside what’s called the “habitable zone” meaning they might hold liquid water. The scientists, which are from NASA and Europe, have certain clues about the makeup of the planets, like their mass and density. They say those clues are providing some answers now and are expecting more to come soon. All seven planets that surround what is known as the “Ultra Cool Star” orbit more tightly than any of the planets in our system are to the sun.

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