Great Bear Closes For Season Due To Warm Temperatures

SIOUX FALLS – The snow didn’t do much for Great Bear Ski Hill in Sioux Falls, they have decided to close for the season.

The ski hill was open for 68 days this season and since they were open that long they won’t be giving refunds to anyone with season passes.

A couple hundred people signed up for a tubing event scheduled for tomorrow but that has been canceled and those folks have gotten their money back.

Great Bear says the decision to close is based on the recent warm weather and getting less snow over the last two days than they hoped.

“It can only take so much 60 degree weather, it all started to melt, now it’s frozen, it’s ice and there’s nothing we can do with it, the fresh snow didn’t stick to it.  We’ve literally got no snow on top of the hill right now,” said Dan Grider, Great Bear Recreation Park’s General Manager.

Now the focus is on future projects, like possibly building ski trails and expanding the lodge.

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