Langford Man Designs Cornfield Camo For Waterfowl Hunters

LANGFORD, S.D.– It’s the thrill all waterfowl hunters know, setting the decoys, getting in position, and waiting to shoot.

“It must be in my blood. I just like hunting and fishing and all that, and I like farming so I’m around it all the time. I just like the outdoors,” said Jordan Deutsch.

But he felt there was one thing that was a little off: the wardrobe.

“It just seemed like it was too dark for our area. You just stood out too much and the birds would pick you out of the field, and then it just ruins your whole hunt,” he said.

The classic camouflage patterns from Mossy Oak and Real Tree were doing the exact opposite of what they were designed to do. So Deutsch found a solution.

“I was sitting in the tractor one day waiting for the combine to come fill me, and I was looking at the cornfield and I was like, ‘Why doesn’t someone come up with a corn camo for waterfowl hunting?’”

That idea in the fall of 2013 started the budding business Fallin’ Fowl Camo. The pattern is designed to look just like the fields waterfowl hunters spend their days in.

After working with a graphic designer to splice together a few pictures he took of his own field, Deutsch is now producing hoodies, pants, and hats in his signature Killer Korn camo, which is lightweight for transitioning from the fall to spring hunting seasons.

“In August when the start goose season, it could be 60, 65 degrees, 70 degrees. End of fall it could be freezing, 30s, 20s,” he said.

He’s also currently working with Heavy Haulers Outdoor Gear to put his camo on blinds, bags, and gun cases.

“This is kind of one of my dreams is to come up with something for waterfowl hunting—or just hunting in general—and have it seen in the store like a Scheels or Cabela’s and see your product and look at it and say, ‘I came up with that,’” he explained.

Deutsch says he doesn’t want to be a businessman, but he’d rather stick to the fields where he does his best work.

You can find Fallin’ Fowl Camo here.

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