Police Issued Warrants For Suspects In Happy Jacks Casino Robbery

SIOUX FALLS – Sioux Falls Police have issued warrants for three suspects in connection with the Happy Jacks Casino robbery that took place on February 3rd.

At around 7 a.m. Friday morning on February 3rd, police say a male suspect and a female suspect entered Happy Jacks Casino with handguns. They demanded a combination to a safe located in the back from one of the clerks while the other clerk and one patron were demanded to stay on the floor. Police say the two were then able to obtain an undisclosed amount of money and then fled the scene.

Three warrants were issued and two of the suspects are in custody while police continue searching for the third. Michael Robert LeBeaux was arrested this morning in connection to the robbery. Police say LeBeaux was the male suspect who entered the casino with the female suspect, Christine Annette Barrett, who both demanded the safe combination. Barrett has not been arrested and police are still searching for her whereabouts.

Brian Anthony Delfino Mazzoni was already in custody on other charges and was issued a warrant for the robbery. Police say Mazzoni waited outside in a getaway car while LeBeaux and Barrett entered the casino.

All three are from Sioux Falls and all three are being charged on 1st degree robbery, aggravated assault, and armed robbery charges.

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