Teen Facing Murder Charges Following Fatal Crash

Police Say Alexander Lingor, 16, Ran Sedan Off Road With Pickup Truck

Sioux Falls, SD–Alexander Lingor, 16, facing second degree murder charges as well as first and second degree manslaughter charges after a car crash left another teenager dead.

Sioux Falls Police say Kareem Cisse, 15, was killed early Wednesday morning when a sedan he was a passenger in went off the roadway and struck a tree near 24th Street and Western Avenue.

Lt. Michael Colwill said an investigation found another vehicle was involved in the crash.

“We were able to identify the driver of the pickup that we believe caused the accident when the pickup struck the sedan, forcing the sedan off of the roadway,” said Lt. Colwill.

Authorities say Lingor was the driver of the pickup truck.

Police also say Anthony Moran, 26, was with Lingor at the time of the incident.

He faces accessory and misprision of a felony charges.

Police didn’t give any details on how they found Lingor and Moran.

Lt. Colwill said that following their investigation, Sioux Falls Police say the incident started due to a very small amount of marijuana.

“It’s believed that the individuals in the pickup were there to sell the narcotics and the individuals in the sedan were there to purchase the narcotics and that they were the individuals that actually were doing the drug rip,” said Lt. Colwill.

Police believe the vehicle Cisse was in fled the scene after taking the marijuana without paying.

Trinity Skrondahl, a friend of Cisse, said the whole incident was “uncalled for.”

“It could’ve been easily prevented. I think we could have all prevented it in some way. It just shouldn’t have happened that way. He shouldn’t have lost his life over it,” said Skrondahl.

She said it’s been difficult couple days for Cisse’s friends and family.

“Kareem was a great friend to basically everybody in Sioux Falls. Everybody knew him and it’s really heartbreaking,” said Skrondahl.

The 18-year old driver of the sedan was released from a hospital following treatment of his injuries.

Another 16-year old passenger in the sedan is still being treated for injuries.

Lingor’s bond was set at $1 million in court Thursday.

He could face life in prison.

However, because he’s a juvenile, he would have a chance at parole.

Sioux Falls Police say this is an ongoing investigation and more people could face charges.

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