Four More People Face Charges Following Fatal Crash

Others Involved In High Speed Chase, Suspect's Parents Arrested Friday

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.— There are now six people facing charges following a marijuana deal gone wrong and a high speed chase that left Kareem Cisse, 15, dead early Wednesday morning.

Sioux Falls Police arrested Christian Walberg, 18, on distribution of illegal drugs, misprision of a felony and hit and run charges.

“We believe Christian was a third passenger from the pickup truck in the incident,” said Lt. Michael Colwill.

Alexander Lingor, 16, faces murder and manslaughter charges after police say he was driving the pickup truck that ran a sedan off a road early Wednesday morning.

Police also charged one of his passengers, Anthony Moran, 26, with accessory and misprision of a felony charges.

Sioux Falls Police also arrested Alexander Lingor’s parents, Joseph and Vicki Lingor.

Court documents state that his parents lied to investigators to protect the three from getting into trouble.

“We believe that they continued to provide false information to us in regards to the incident and also tampered with evidence regarding to the vehicle involved in the incident,” said Lt. Colwill.

The driver of the sedan that the Cisse was a passenger in is also in custody.

Nyounkpao Kyne, 18, is charged with vehicular homicide, second degree manslaughter and first degree DWI.

All four of the wanted suspects were found and arrested for their charges earlier this afternoon.

If convicted, Alexander Lingor faces up to life in prison.

Since he is a juvenile, he would have a chance parole.

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