Volunteers Needed To Provide Transportation To Those In Need

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – An organization that recruits volunteers to provide transportation to seniors and persons with disabilities, is in need themselves.

Melissa Gibson with Drive to Help says they don’t have enough volunteers for their two programs “Wow” and “Project Car”.

She says the winter time is especially difficult to find drivers.

A lot of the current volunteers are retired and don’t like driving in the winter.

Gibson says having enough drivers is crucial though for the individuals who either don’t live near a bus stop or can’t afford to pay for a cab.

“Some of the rides, especially the medical appointments are really essential,” says Gibson. “If we don’t have a driver for a specific ride then they would have to reschedule that appointment and some of these, they’re not just well check-ups, there for medical treatments that they need.”

Gibson says each program is about 6 drivers short.

In order to become a volunteer you have to have a valid driver’s license, automobile insurance, clean driving record and a clean criminal record.

Gibson says volunteers can drive as little and as much as they want to.

For more information, visit this website.

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