Fire Crews Still On Scene At Bahnson House Fire

The Red Cross is providing assistance to the family.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Fire crews are still on the scene of a house fire in eastern Sioux Falls. The fire is out but Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is keeping an eye on the home for potential hot spots flaring up.

Authorities arrived just after 5:30 p.m. Sunday night to the home filled with heavy smoke and visible flames.

It was a neighbor near the intersection of Marson Drive and South Bahnson Avenue that alerted authorities that the home was on fire.

Fire crews say they believe the fire likely started in the garage area but quickly spread throughout the house.

Crews cut ventilation and sprayed into the roof as well as attacked from the basement.

Carla Juhler, the witness who initially called 911, says a loud bang was heard before the home caught fire.

“The whole house just went up really fast. There were kids in the house, there was a man that ran out with two kids and a woman that ran out with one and she fell as she came out the front door,” she said.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Steve Fessler says all occupants of the home were able to get out safely.

He says investigators at this time are unsure what caused the fire.

“We’ll have the investigators on scene for a while checking things out, I’m sure we’ll have units on scene a majority of the night doing fire watch and making sure no hot spots or things like that start up,” he said.

Crews say there is extensive fire damage throughout the home.

The Red Cross is providing assistance to the family.

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