Samaritan’s Feet Gives New Shoes To Preschoolers

SIOUX FALLS – Six classes of preschoolers at Anne Sullivan Elementary went home with a new pair of shoes and socks today.

Around 70 pairs of shoes were given out to students by the organization Samaritan’s Feet. Each child picked out what shoes they wanted, after that volunteers washed their feet and helped them put on their socks and try on their shoes.

The kids then went back to class with their new shoes but also kept their original ones. The school says they had a high demand of students who were in the need of the shoes so they are grateful for the organizations help.

“Our goal is to inspire and give hope to those who are in need and we do so by washing the feet of our shoe receipts and so it’s very very special. The groups that we serve are different our volunteers that come together are different. It’s just an amazing experience each time we do it.” said Denise Blomberg, Samaritan’s Feet Regional Director

The organization has given out around 13,000 pairs of shoes in South Dakota.

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