The Daily Scoop 2-28-17


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The real Best Picture Oscar winner comes home in “Moonlight.” This coming-of-age film also picked up two other Oscars this weekend. It tells the story of a young African-American growing up in Miami and his struggles to find his place in the face of expectation and adversity.

Benedict Cumberbatch finds his groove in the bonus features for “Doctor Strange.” This Marvel comic blockbuster tells the story of a western healer exposed to the infinite possibilities of the mystic arts. But with great power comes great responsibility… to kick some bad guy booty.

Lizzy Caplan gets starstruck in the DVD extras for “Allied.” This wartime drama features Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard as spies who fall in love on a joint mission. When the government tells Pitt he might be sleeping with the enemy, he has to either prove her innocence, or dispose of the threat in his own home.

Hope is fleeting for Naomi Watts in “Shut In.” She’s a child psychologist caring for her bedridden stepson. She takes on a troubled young client played by “Room” star, Jacob Tremblay. When he disappears into the night, Watts is convinced his ghost is still on the premises.

Indiana cheerleader gets the surprise of her life

After the Hoosiers won their basketball game against Northwestern, Indiana University forward, Collin Hartman thanked his family and his team before he called his girlfriend, IU cheerleader, Hayley Daniel out on the court. That’s when Hartman dropped to a knee and popped the question! The crown and his teammates went nuts and luckily, Daniel said yes!

Mark Ovenden is an eighth-time grandpa

Though it’s not trending on social media, KDLT’s Mark Ovenden became a grandpa for the first time on Tuesday. His granddaughter, Nora Marie was born weighing 8 lbs. She and mom are healthy and happy.

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