Homeowner Picking Up The Pieces After Fire

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-  A Sioux Falls man is picking up the pieces after part of his house burned down this weekend. He learned about the fire while he was coming back from vacation a thousand miles away. His neighbors are still in shock over what they saw this weekend.

On Sunday, around 5:30 p.m. fire crews responded to 3700 S Bahnson Avenue. The homeowner’s son was home at the time with his children and  Fiancé. All of them evacuated the home safely.

“We heard a loud noise and came out to see smoke rolling from the garage, “says Carla Juhler, the neighbor who dialed 9-1-1.

Juhler is recalling the terrifying moments this past weekend when the house across from her went up in flames.

“My oldest daughter and her boyfriend ran over there to try to get the people out of the house and I dialed 9-1-1, “says Juhler.

Juhler has lived in the neighborhood for eight years. While she’s never witnessed anything like this before, the neighborhood has seen its share of garage fires.

“We have had in the last 15 years; I know of that this is the third one just in the neighborhood, “says Juhler.

“It was kind of a rude awakening coming back from our vacation, “says Dave Scholl, the homeowner.

Scholl owns the home. He and his wife were out of town this weekend. He had to hear about the fire through a text from a neighbor.

“He said our garage was on fire and what was going on over there, “says Scholl.

Dave says he was in shock, but his first priority was making sure his family members staying at the house were safe.

“We did get a hold of my son and he said everyone got out okay and that’s the main thing, “says Scholl.

This morning, Dave was at his damaged house to recover pieces of what was left. Although half of the home is destroyed, Dave says they have lived in the house for six years and they don’t plan to leave.

“As soon as the insurance people get done with it; we will start making plans to rebuild, “says Scholl.

The family says their main focus is getting their kids back to school. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

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