Rock & Roll Academy To Live On With New Name And Location

SIOUX FALLS – Even though it will be sporting a new name and a new location, a music academy will live on in the Sioux Empire.

Teri Katzenberger a manager at “Welcon Fitness After 50” will soon be taking on another role, she is spear heading the “Academy of Rock-n-Roll School of Dreams.”

The music school will be similar to the “Brennan Rock and Roll Academy” that closed its doors in late December.

Katzenberger says she couldn’t let the show end for all the kids that benefited from playing rock and roll music.

“It was important to me even for the founders that what was in their heart continued on. They were a starting point, it needed to pass hands to continue to flourish into truly what it is intended to be,” said Katzenberger.

The new music academy is still in the beginning stages. It is registered within the state but Katzenberger says they still need obtain nonprofit status.

Katzenberger is hoping to open the new academy sometime this summer.

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