New Name, New Location, Same Music

SF woman to open up new rock academy

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Kids will once again have the opportunity to rock to the beat in the Sioux Empire.

After finding out millionaire Chuck Brennan closed Brennan Rock & Roll Academy one woman decided to open up a similar music academy.

It will have a different name and new location, but the rhythm behind the lessons will stay the same.

Teri Katzenberger is a manager at Welcyon Fitness after 50.

While stationary bicycles surround her at this job, soon she’ll add drum sets, microphones and guitars to her everyday life.

“I just have a love for music,” Says Katzenberger.

Katzenberger is opening up The Academy of Rock and Roll School of Dreams.

The new music academy will be very similar to the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy.

In fact, Katzenberger says the former owner, Chuck Brennan, gave Katzenberger his blessing to continue offering free music lessons to kids.

“It needs to always be appreciated and I’m grateful they even founded something like [the rock academy],” says Katzenberger.

While Katzenberger admires what Brennan started, “we have to start brand new. We don’t take anything with us,” she says.

Including the location — which is still undetermined at this point.

Katzenberger says since rent at the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy is a little higher than she would like, she thought it’d be best to start fresh.

“Would there be a stigma to that location?” asks Ketzenberger. “In all sincerity to all involved, there could be, and I weighed out things like that.”

But, not everything is changing.

Many of the same music instructors at Brennan will teach at the Academy of Rock and Roll School of Dreams.

“They’re excited for it, they’ll support it.”

Katzenberger says that’s why she’s taking on this new role; to continue the impact the academy leaves on students.

“Kids need an outlet to go to and kind of unleash and release what’s going on inside of them,” says Katzenberger. “Music is a way to do that.”

Katzenberger is planning to open up shop this summer.

A local t-shirt company is helping her get started.

Wit Wear is selling rock academy coffee mugs with proceeds going toward the soon-to-be nonprofit.

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