Both Sides Prepare For President Trump’s Address

President Donald Trump Making First Address To Joint Congress Tuesday Night

President Donald Trump will give his first address to a joint congress as commander-in-chief Tuesday night.

Leading up to his debut on the floor, President Trump has commanded the national conversation.

Orders regarding immigration and economic policies over the last month have stirred reactions from both sides.

Senator John Thune said he believes his policy moves are embraced.

I think a lot of people, in fact, I think a majority of Americans, certainly a majority of South Dakotans, agree with the substance of his agenda and some of the things he’s already done,” said Sen. Thune.

South Dakota Republicans look for the president to address several issues: plans for economic growth, the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), reforming the tax code and increased military spending.

Sen. Thune said economic policies are what the majority of constituents care about.

“I think most South Dakotans are interested in those economic issues. They want to know are their kids going to have a better future, better standard of living than what they had,” said Sen. Thune.

Suzanne Jones Pranger, Executive Director of the South Dakota Democratic Party said they hope to see a change in direction.

“Specifically in South Dakota, I think it’s been pretty clear that the trump agenda has been very bad for our state,” said Jones Pranger.

Jones Pranger said she believes the Trump ideas on trade and immigration hurt the South Dakota agriculture and tourism sectors.

She said the president’s little over a month in office doesn’t inspire a different tone for his first address.

“What we’re going to hear from him is a lot of broken promises. We’re seeing that in a lot of areas whether that’s standing up for the average American, the working class, or fighting corruption,” said Jones Pranger.

Sen. Thune also said he hopes President Trump takes steps to bring both parties together in his first address.

“The country needs that right now and if we’re going to do big things and make sure that we’re going to address the challenges that face the future of America, we have to work together. I hope that comes across loud and clear this evening,” said Sen. Thune.

President Trump’s address is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. Central Time.

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