Parents Concerned Over Classroom Treat Handed Out In Pill Bottle

SIOUX FALLS – A birthday treat handed out in a 3rd grade classroom has some parents concerned.

They say pill bottles filled with M&M’s were recently given to a class of 3rd graders at John Harris Elementary School in Sioux Falls with the label saying “eat one M&M as needed.” Parents say the mom of the child whose birthday it was is a pharmacist at Lewis Drug.

It was meant to be a creative treat but some parents say they have taught their children that medicine is not candy and they are worried about the message this sends to kids. One local pharmacist says that’s a good lesson to teach.

“Even something as simple as an iron supplement over the counter- it kind of looks like candy if a kid were to get into that. If they took it like a handful of M&Ms or something like that there could be very serious consequences to that action,” said Dan Peterson, Pharmacist at Dan’s Drug Store.

Lewis released a statement saying this is an unauthorized use of their prescription bottles.

The company is investigating and says corrective action will be taken.

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