Annual “Cure Kids Cancer” Radiothon Kicks Off

SIOUX FALLS – The annual “Cure Kids Cancer” Radiothon kicked off today at Sanford Children’s Hospital.

The two-day event runs twelve hours a day and raises money for kids in the community battling cancer.

Hot 104-7, Kickin’ 100.5, B 102.7, and Mix 97.3 are all involved. The event raised more than $3,000 last year.

Organizers are hoping to raise even more this year, Sanford says 100 percent of the proceeds goes to sick children.

“So it’s going to stay local to Sanford Hospital and support specialized equipment, chemo chairs, IV poles, things along those lines that we need. Then a camp program called “Camp Being It On,” so for kids with cancer or have beat cancer, and then direct family assistance, ” said Erin Sanderson, Program Director, Sanford Cure Kids Cancer.

If you want to donate call the following number anytime from 6 a-m to 6 p-m. (605) 328-5750

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