Candy In Pill Bottle: Parents Concerned Over Birthday Treat

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A third graders birthday treat to their fellow classmates has raised some red flags for parents.

They say every student in the class received prescription pill bottles filled with M&M’s.

It was meant to be a creative treat, but some feel it could be sending the wrong message.

A Sioux Falls woman who has a third grader at John Harris Elementary posted a picture on Facebook showing a prescription pill bottle with the message “eat one M&M as needed”.

In the caption the mom wrote “we have several concerns, as we have taught our children that medicine is NOT candy.”

Dan Peterson who owns Dan’s Drug store says that’s a good lesson to teach.

“That’s one thing they taught us in school, don’t ever associate medicine with candy because then kids have the potential to get into it and they potentially think its candy,” says Peterson.

If a child does get a hold of prescription pills, or any type of medicine, Peterson says the result can be deadly.

“It could be something as mild as an upset stomach, but if it’s the wrong medication, that is definitely a possibility unfortunately,” says Peterson.

As shown in the picture, the bottles were printed from Lewis Drug’s pharmacy on 41st Street.

Parents say the mom of the child whose birthday it was, is a pharmacist there.

However, Lewis Drug does not support this decision.

In a statement the company says “an investigation is underway and corrective action is being taken. We will be meeting with employees to underscore the professional standards and employee policies… which expressly prohibit this kind of situation from occurring.”

Peterson says when dealing with medicine, the number one goal is safety.

“We have to keep everyone safe, we have to keep mom and dad’s prescription medicine away from those who just honestly don’t know what it’s for.”

KDLT News also reached out to the Sioux Falls School District.

They said “while the packaging may raise concerns for some, no school policies were broken.”

The school district had no further comment.

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