Farmers going “Hydrogreen”

RENNER, SD – Many farmers may be burdened by the cost of harvesting livestock feed.

Owner/CEO of Hydrogreen Global Technologies, Dihl Grohs said, “The economics of having this system versus real estate and equipment is huge. We gotta feed the world and this is one way to take the pressure off of crop land for human consumption.”

This, is Hydrogreen.  CEO, Dihl Grohs says this automated system is great for farmers bottom-line.  It’s also extremely efficient and works for a variety of livestock.

“Beef and dairy, it works phenomenal with horses. We’re doing some work with hogs and chickens and it’s working. I think the goat industry and the sheep industry will benefit also,” said Dihl.

The Hydrogreen technology is even environmentally controlled.

Dihl said, “You have the same product in the building as you would on a Summer day, a blizzard you know. It’s controlled so you have the same product everyday.”

From there, the system delivers feed outside the building to the cattle.  It works on a 6 day planting schedule, So just about every day a new layer gets harvested.  Hydrogreen President, Craig Livingston told us, it’s also surprisingly easy to use.

“Loading, unloading, cleaning, harvesting, it’s all taken care of by the computer, and everyday the most you have to do is push a button that says harvest and it will harvest the oldest level,” said Livingston.

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