“Fan Fest” Makes Its Inaugural Debut

Sanford Health Provides High-Tech Training For Fans

Day one of the Summit League basketball tournament also marked the start of the inaugural “Fan Fest.”

Families of all ages can train just like the student athletes in the Summit League or like the pros do.

Drills such as reaction training or learning fundamentals in hoops are offered for free for fans or simply visitors.

Dr. Thayne Munce with the Sanford Sports Science Institute said it gives them a chance to show families more about what they do.

“Unless someone is in our program or in our facility, they don’t know some of these cool things that we have to offer that can make training fun and it’s really an advanced way of bringing sports science straight to the playing field and right to kids and making it accessible to them,” said Dr. Munce.

Allan Bertram, the Basketball Director at the Sanford Pentagon Basketball Academy, said it gives young fans a chance to work with professionals.

“I think any time a kid can have a ball in his hands, it’s a great opportunity but I think, for us personally, it’s just about giving kids chances to better themselves and I think basketball and all sports all games that you play are worth the chance to not only teach kids about the games, specifically, but also about life. There’s so many things that mimic it,” said Bertram.

The Fan Fest at the Sioux Falls Arena is also open to the public for free Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sunday is the last day of the Fan Fest despite the tournament going through next Tuesday.

A Summit League Tournament ticket is not required to participate in the Fan Fest.

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