SF Police: Man Arrested For Murder Stabbed Friend After Having Bad Reaction To Drugs

A 25-year-old Sioux Falls man is facing 2nd degree murder and 1st degree manslaughter charges after police say he fatally stabbed his friend. Police say that the suspect was having a bad reaction to drugs before the stabbing occurred.

A medical emergency at a home in southeast Sioux Falls turned into a homicide investigation early Sunday morning.

“My understanding was there was quite a bit of blood,” said Sioux Falls Police Department Capt. Blaine Larsen.

Police say a group of people were partying at the home when they began ingesting narcotics.

Larsen said, “We know they were using marijuana but there was a whole litany of chemicals there.”

Police say Brady Holter had a bad reaction to the chemicals. They say he was animated and worked up when his girlfriend asked his friends to try to calm him down.

“He picked up a large fixed blade combat knife and threatened to stab one of the males. Because they’re all acquainted, and they’re using together, they thought he was messing around,” said Larsen.

Police say Holter stabbed 27-year-old Alexander Rodriguez. Rodriguez was taken to the hospital, but died shortly after.

Larsen said, “He had received, I believe was a single stab to the abdominal upper chest region, very near the heart.”

Police say with many of the violent crimes they see, there’s a common denominator. This time, they found vials with a liquid inside,
which will be analyzed.

“There’s so many pills being passed around town; pills, powders, liquids that when we get them, what you bought, you may think it’s one thing, but when you test it, it might be a different thing,” Larsen said.

With Holter behind bars, police will now be looking into where the drugs came from.

Holter appeared in court for the first time Monday afternoon, where he was given a $750,000 cash only bond.

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