Study: Bacon, Soda & Too Few Nuts Tied To Big Portion Of US Deaths

CHICAGO (AP) – If you’re gorging on bacon or skimping on nuts, you might want to rethink your diet. That’s according to new research that links 10 foods with deaths from heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

The study says overeating or not eating enough of those foods contributes to nearly half of U.S. deaths from the three causes.

The researchers used data showing that about 700,000 Americans died in 2012 from heart disease, strokes and diabetes. They also examined several years of national health surveys that asked adults about their diets.

“Good” foods that were under-eaten included nuts and seeds, seafood and fruits. “Bad” foods that were overeaten included salt, processed meats and sugary drinks.

Results were published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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