Knecht Leaves Lasting Impression At USF

Sam Knechtl leaves lasting impression at USF on and off the court

For a player who wants to take the big shots in pressure moments, Sam Knecht couldn’t have a better name.

“That’s always exciting when your number is called to kind of be one of the key scorers for the team. It’s a lot of pressure, big job!” Sam says.

And more often then not she did connect.

“Inside she’s almost unstoppable. She can hit the little jumper, she can make a move and go up.” USF Senior Guard Madi Robson says.

In four years the Aberdeen alum became Sioux Falls’ 10th all time leading scorer with more than 13 hundred points and career blocks leader with 176, all while becoming USF’s first Academic All-American.

“Now that she’s been in the program for four years now she knows what’s going to come out of my mouth before I say it and there’s just been a certain level of expectation. I mean I really think she’s a Division One level player playing in the Northern Sun.” USF Head Coach Travis Traphagen says.

More than number, Sam hopes her greatest connections….

“We lead more by example. Just doing the right thing every day in practice to show the younger girls that this is how it’s done.” Knecht says.

…Will have an impact long after she’s gone!

Zach Borg KDLT Sports.

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