Affordable Housing Complex Approved

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A controversial housing complex is moving forward in southern Sioux Falls.

The project dominated the discussion Tuesday night at city council, with over an hour of debate between councilors, builders and neighbors.

The affordable housing complex is getting plenty of mixed reviews, and it hasn’t even been built yet.

The project will likely break ground in 2019.

The 3 building, 96-unit apartment complex will go up near 85th Street and Louise Avenue.

The Sioux Falls city council voted 7 to 1 to re-zone the five-acre lot.

The project developer, Costello Companies, says there’s a need for more housing units because the area is growing.

But some neighbors say they weren’t expecting an apartment complex in their backyard.

“We do not want to have the noise of the parking lots with the engines running and the winters with the auto start, the bases with the radios blaring and the noise of the ac units running in the summer,” says Vicky Reiff who lives near the lot.

Councilors said this decision was a tough one since they hear the neighbors’ concerns.

“My biggest thing is if not here, where,” says councilor Greg Neitzert. “If we’re going to disqualify every location that’s near a single family home and require an apartment be built in a corn field, we’re in deep trouble.”

Theresa Stehly was the only councilor to vote no.

She says she didn’t want to approve the complex with so much opposition to it.

The council passed the rezoning from agriculture to apartment residential with one extra condition.

Costello companies will have to have a minimum 40 foot setback on the south side where many of the concerned neighbors live.

The requirement is usually only 15 feet.

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