Parents Of Teen Charged With Murder Appear In Court For Allegedly Covering Up Crash

The parents of a Sioux Falls teen facing murder and manslaughter charges appeared in court for the first time Wednesday, accused of trying to cover up a fatal crash that happened in central Sioux Falls on Feb. 22.

Fifty-four-year-old Vicki Lingor and 50-year-old Joseph Lingor, both out of jail on bond, are charged with false reporting, accessory to a felony and misprison of a felony.

Joseph was given a court appointed attorney while the Judge ordered Vicki to hire a private attorney.

Police say the two lied to investigators to protect their son 16-year-old Alexander Lingor from getting into trouble. They say Alexander was driving a pickup truck that ran a sedan off a road following a drug rip. Police say they continued to provide them with false information in regards to the incident and tampered with evidence regarding the vehicle involved.

A total of six people are facing charges as a result of the incident.


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