CTE Academy Works Towards Getting Women Interested in the Construction Industry

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Today the CTE Academy invited middle school girls from the Sioux Falls School District to teach them about the construction industry.

They called it Pizza, Pop, and Power Tools.  About 70 7th and 8th grade girls came out to the CTE Academy where they were given the opportunity to learn about the construction industry.  The goal was to hopefully peak their interest in the career field.  Efforts have been made to diversify the industry.  The academy told us this is just one way to get women using power tools and operating heavy equipment.

The Interim Principal at the CTE Academy, Josh Halls, said “I have been working in contact with the Associated Workers Contractors and we’ve just been talking about ways that we can work on workforce development for the Sioux Falls community. And how we can get more kids involved at an earlier age and make them more aware of the opportunities that are out there and that are available to them here at the CTE Academy”

The academy said if students are interested in any of their programs, they can enroll in a course in High School at no cost.

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