Helpline Center Reaching Out; Minnehaha County Had 9 Suicide Deaths In January

SIOUX FALLS – After startling suicide numbers in Minnehaha County in the month of January, the Helpline Center is hoping to spread the word about their services to offer assistance.

Minnehaha County reported nine suicides in January. The average for the month is under two. The helpline Center is especially concerned about high suicide rates in men.

They are centering their outreach campaign around men to help them and family members understand the resources that are available to help.

“Generally across the board, males are far more reluctant to reach out for help. often times, it’s their support system that reaches out for help for them so we want to make sure that they can identify those warning signs and reach out for help on behalf of that adult male,”says Janet Kittams-Lalley the Helpline Center President.

Minnehaha County saw one suicide in February and officials hope numbers continue to remain low.

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