Adventures With Ahtra: Aerial Yoga

Switching up your workout routine is always a good idea. This week, Ahtra went over to the YMCA Youth Performance Center to try out her favorite workout in the air!

Getting up on the silks and gaining her balance was the hardest part but once she got the hang of it, she had a lot of fun and got quite the workout. Melissa Kirby, the regional director of healthy living at the Sioux Falls YMCA says aerial yoga focuses on balance, flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Aerial yoga has a lot of health benefits that regular yoga lacks. For instance, since you’re suspended on the silks your joints are protected from the pounding and pressure that comes from regular yoga and other exercises.

Of course, Ahtra’s favorite part of aerial yoga was the relaxation component. Kirby likes to have her students curl up in a “cocoon” at the end of her classes to relax. She teaches aerial yoga classes for ages 18 and older at the YMCA Youth Performance center. For more information on her classes, click here.

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