Ice Classic Figure Skating Competition Brings Skaters of all Ages Together

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Figure skaters from across the area packed the ice rink at SCHEELS IcePlex for the annual Ice Classic Figure Skating competition.

The competition is between figure skating clubs and schools. The figure skaters were judged on their jumps, spins, and solos.

Many have been putting in countless hours of practice to get to where they are. We spoke with skaters on why despite the falls, they still chose the sport.

“I have tried other sports, but they haven’t felt the same, “says Figure Skater Amy Harris.

Not even the blisters on their feet could stop these figure skaters from giving up on this sport. For many, it’s been something that has become a part of them and for others, it’s now a family activity.

“Well, my mom and dad have been really good friends with somebody that taught figure skating and then my sister started it.  So they thought I should do it with her, “says Figure Skater Hannah Miller.

The love for figure skating might have started out as a sport for these skaters, but now it’s become a passion to not only feel free but for conveying the emotions inside their body.

“When I go out there, I forget everything. I forget to breathe too, but like I go out there and I just it feels like the world is yours and it’s amazing, “says Harris.

Although, many started the sport at a young age one thing they all share is their dream of the Olympics.

“Me and my sister have both thought about going into it for some time and then as we got older it’s kind of hard because a lot of schools don’t really kind of have figure skating, “says Miller.

“I think everyone thinks when you are at that age you think you are going to make it, but once you grow up; you realize there are other things, “says Harris.

The dream may not be a reality, but one thing that still remains true is their love for the sport.

“I would love to continue this throughout my whole life. It’s really just been a great passion for me, “says Figure Skater Julia Salter.

The competition had skaters from as young as 5 -years-old to high schoolers.

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