Kids Join The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra For Special Performance

SIOUX FALLS, SD – It’s a classic combination: kids and music.  So when 1,800 elementary students in Sioux Falls were presented with a chance to play nine different pieces alongside the pros, it was music to their ears.

Executive Director of the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, Jennifer Boomgaarden, said “We’re so excited we are doing the inaugural performance of Carnegie Hall’s Link Up Program.”

Link Up is a introductory music education initiative.  Carnegie Hall develops the curriculum, then students study it in the classroom.  The group of Sioux Falls students have been practicing, using recorders, since early January.

Boomgaarden told us, “And they are here today to demonstrate what they have learned.”

The South Dakota Orchestra explained that this is one way for kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

Boomgaarden, said “Music education is just so critical to the work that we do as far as making sure that kinds have a well rounded education.  Making sure that they have the opportunity to learn in a real age appropriate exciting way.”

The Assistant Conductor, Chad Hutchinson, explained that something as simple as learning the recorder now, could pay dividends in the future.

“They’re learning notes by playing the recorder.  Higher order thinking skills that will translate then when they pick up other instruments down the road if they decide to play in band, or choir, or sing,” said Hutchinson.

But for now, the partnership appears to have started on a high note.

Hutchinson told us, “It was an amazing experience to have so much energy here at the Washington Pavilion and we’re so thankful to everyone involved.”

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