No IKEA, No Problem: Small Business Brings Big Business To Sioux Falls

IKEA is one of the largest furniture retailers in the world, however, there are less than 50 stores in the United States. The closest to Sioux Falls is 260 miles away in the Twin Cities. But a new business has started bringing the big box store to the area.

“The intent right now is to go once a month until the demand goes up,” said Modern Sioux Falls Owner Kristin Hayward.

One weekend every month, Kristin and her husband Jeff, will be navigating the two-floor store of IKEA.

Jeff said, “The sweat equity of it is even more than I guess I anticipated. “Just getting through the store, dealing with the crowds of people, and then going through the warehouse and making sure each item is correct,” said Kristin.

For about a month, the couple has been taking IKEA orders. They have been traveling to the nearest store four hours away, pulling and loading items, and bringing them back to Sioux Falls.

“Our intent is to provide a service to residents of Sioux Falls and the surrounding area, and allow access to merchandise and things that aren’t readily available here,” Jeff said.

Their small business,  ‘Modern Sioux Falls’, was created because of their experience with the big business.

Jeff said, “It all really started years ago when we looked at purchasing an IKEA bookshelf, and we were living in Rapid at the time, and the online delivery was just this crazy amount.”

Melissa Sherman had the same problem when she found the ‘perfect’ vanity at IKEA.

Sherman said, “We tried the shipping and it was twice as much to ship it as the actual product was.”

Sherman’s sink was $349. For IKEA to ship, it would have been a total of $698. With Modern Sioux Falls, who charged a 35 percent service fee of $122.15, she saved more than $225.

“We love our weekend trips to the cities, but IKEA is kind of a trip in itself,” said Sherman.

In Sherman’s mind, it’s worth not having to make the trip. She’d rather leave it up to Jeff and Kristin, who say they’re up for the challenge.

“So far we’re still married and we’re still doing it,” said Kristin laughing. “I never really thought that I would like to be a personal shopper for other people, but it’s kind of fun. You kind of get to see other people’s tastes and likes and desires and how they want to outfit their home.”

In two trips, ‘Modern Sioux Falls’ has fulfilled more than a dozen orders. Many have been large, but some have been as small as picture frames.

When asked whether Jeff and Kristin would consider picking up items at other businesses not local to the Sioux Falls area, they said they were looking into Trader Joes, but for right now, they are sticking with IKEA.



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