Program Developed to Help Children With Emotions

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-  A program developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been established in Sioux Falls, to help adults teach kids and teenagers on how to better deal with their emotions.

The research-based program, called “take 5” incorporates yoga with concentration techniques and exercise movements. Creator of the program says she wanted to give alternate ways to help children rather than punish them.

“I have worked with five years old who have insomnia; they are having trouble sleeping. That shouldn’t be happening and some of the violence we see going on in the schools and things like that. If we can get these tools to the kids, so that we have less of those occurrences and we can say, you are not broken. We all get angry we just have to learn how to manage that and make different choices, “says Founder and Director of Lincoln Yoga Center Sheila Palmquist.

Around 12 educators, wellness professionals and parents in the Sioux empire are certified in the take 5 program.