Celebrate National Pi Day With The Cookie Jar

SIOUX FALLS – A local cookie shop is changing up their menu for the day all because of today’s date.

Since it is March 14 or 3.14, also known as national pi day, the Cookie Jar Eatery is offering out a different form of dessert.

Normally when customers order a basket meal they get a sandwich, soup and a cookie. Today they’re trading in the cookie for a piece of pie. Customers have the choice between carmel apple and lemon meringue.

“We had a couple of people put in order for pies celebrating the day so we thought it would be a fun idea so we decided to take it up ourselves. A few people have taken it up but it’s been a little slow with the weather today but it’s nice to have something kind of fun for the people that stop in,” said Marty Schumacher the Assistant Manager at the Cookie Jar.

The Cookie Jar says they will have some left over pie slices to offer out for the rest of the week.

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