On The Road With The Checks: In Need Of Daumination

SDSU Looks For Big Performance From Daum Versus Gonzaga

SALT LAKE CITY, UT- Mike Daum has to have another huge game for South Dakota State to really have a chance to become that Cinderella story and have a number sixteen seed defeat a number one seed for the first time ever

Throughout his career, Daum has shown he is very capable of that.

He’s getting a ton of national publicity for his great play. Teammate Michael Orris said it hasn’t changed their star.

“I mean he’s living up to it, day in and day out. What I appreciate about Mike is that he doesn’t live into the hype and doesn’t pay attention to it all or let it get to him. He’s just out there playing basketball and having fun as we all are. I just think, at the end of the day, Mike is doing what he does best and he’s going to stick to that and always be successful,” said Orris.

Their opponents, top-seeded Gonzaga, have taken notice of his recent play.

“Wow. Really, really just impressed with Mike Daum and totally reminds me of Kyle Wiltjer. Just scores the ball so easy, ball goes in, never seems to get rattled, has the ultimate green light, has great confidence,” said Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few.

The reason this team has won nine of its last eleven and is playing like a twelve seed, or maybe even higher, has been the play of everyone else.

“We’ve definitely had a ton of guys step up kind of unexpectedly. Guys like Chris Howell, Mike here and Lane Severyn was a huge guy and you know, Reed’s been doing his thing that whole year. It’s just been guys jumping on opportunities when they get them and stepping up to big moments,” said Daum.

“We’re trying to approach it as another game and I don’t think our guys, and I shouldn’t say I don’t think but I know our guys aren’t just content to be here. We haven’t fought out of the hole we’ve fought out of to come here and have a moral victory,” said SDSU Head Coach TJ Otzelberger.

The Jackrabbits will need a complete team effort if they’re going to pull off this upset.

Who would’ve thought they were even going to be here two months ago? Anything is possible.

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