Day Two Of Murder Trial Sees More Than A Dozen Witnesses

Jared Stone Is Accused Of Shooting And Killing Baptiste White Eyes In April 2016

13 witnesses took the stand Friday in the second day of Jared Stone’s murder trial.

Stone is accused of shooting and killing Baptiste White Eyes, 28, in April of 2016 outside of the Lucky Lady Casino in Sioux Falls.

Several Sioux Falls police officers were questioned about the events on April 22nd, 2016.

The surveillance video of the incident was shown to the courtroom.

It shows Jared Stone and Baptiste White Eyes taking an altercation inside the casino outside.

There, a fight broke out between the two.

However, their fight moves out of the camera’s frame and ended with a car driving away from the scene.

The defense argued Stone was defending himself from White Eyes, claiming White Eyes was the aggressor.

The state centered their response around the fact that no weapons were found on White Eyes.

Several individuals involved in Stone’s alleged escape from the scene also testified on Friday.

Lachara Bordeaux, Mercedes Red Bear and Desiree Sully answered questions regarding their involvement in the incident.

Bordeaux is currently serving five years for her role while Red Bear and Sully are out of custody after pleading guilty to felony charges for their involvement.

Joining them in testimony was the mother of Stone’s child.

She answered questions regarding texts she received from Stone shortly after the incident.

The texts showed him apologizing for quote “killing someone.”

All of the testimony in this trial is expected to be completed on Tuesday, March 21st.

Stone is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole.

The state decided not to pursue the death sentence last October.

Prosecutors say the evidence did not meet the requirement for the death penalty.

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