USD Sanford School of Medicine “Match Day” Leads to a Happy Couple

SIOUX FALLS, SD – It’s the day they’ve all been waiting for.  Today marked an exciting day for future doctors in the Sioux Empire.  Last November, Medical students from the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, chose the hospitals where they’d like to complete their residency.  Finally, today, they found out where they’ll be placed after graduate school.

One medical student from USD, Dan Boadwine, said “Realistically, it’s what you’ve kind of been working for for the last four years or so but it doesn’t really start to creep into your mind until the last month, couple weeks, week leading up to it.”

A husband and wife who are both medical students, were hoping to spend their residency together in Omaha, Nebraska.  Dominique Boadwine said she never thought she would be getting into Obstetrics and Gynecology because of the amount of work it takes, but she has come around to the idea.

“I think that it’s a great opportunity to have an impact in your community and family life and I like the combination of things that you have in OB,” said Dominique.

Her husband Dan said growing up he has always wanted to go to get a job in medicine which is why he is going into Pediatrics.

“That opportunity to work with people during maybe high stress times, or times when they just need a helping hand.  Then you know I’ve always loved kids and it’s tough to say no to having both of those opportunities at the same time,” said Dan.

It was obviously an emotional and suspenseful day for the couple, but what were they truly feeling before they opened up their envelopes which decided their fate?

“Excited, a little bit nervous, but we’re confident that we’ll end up where we need to be,” said Dominique.

It was certainly a day of match making as the Boadwines found out they will be doing their residency together in Omaha.

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